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Andrew Nette is a writer of fiction and non-fiction, reviewer and pulp scholar.

He is the author of two novels, Ghost Money, a crime story set in Cambodia in the mid-nineties, and Gunshine State.

He is co-editor of Girl Gangs, Biker Boys, and Real Cool Cats: Pulp Fiction and Youth Culture, 1950 to 1980, forthcoming from PM Press in late 2017, and is currently working on a monograph about Norman Jewison’s 1975 dystopian classic, Rollerball for the independent UK film and media studies publisher, Auteur.

He was one of the founders of Crime Factory Publications, a Melbourne-based small press that specialised in crime fiction and co-edited two of its publications, Hard Labour, an anthology of Australian short crime fiction, and LEE, an anthology of fiction inspired by American cinema icon, Lee Marvin. His short fiction has appeared in a number of print and on-line publications, including Crime Scenes, Beat to a Pulp Hardboiled 3, Shotgun Honey Presents: Both Barrels, Blood and Tacos, The One That Got Away, Phnom Penh Noir and Crime Factory Hard Labour.

His reviews and non-fiction have appeared in The Los Angeles Review of Books, The British Film Institute, Time Out Melbourne, Australian Centre for the Moving Image, Bookseller & Publisher, The Age, Guardian Australia, Kill Your Darlings, Wheeler Centre Dailies, Criminal Element, 4:3 Film, Crime Fiction Lover, Overland, Crikey, Metro Magazine, Sight and Sound, Spook Magazine, Australian Book Review, The Big Issue, Australian Author and Noir City, the magazine of the US Film Noir Foundation.

He was a co-recipient of the 2015 Australian Film Institute Research Fellowship, examining depictions of crime and policing in early Crawford’s television crime drama, Homicide, Division 4 and Matlock Police.

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