Our story started when Linzi, an avid listener of all sorts of podcasts, finally convinced Amber to listen to a podcast. It took years but, once Amber was in, she finally admitted that podcasts were a legit form of media and not a figment of Linzi’s special imagination.

About a year after that, they decided they would actually team up to launch their own project. But what would they talk about? What would the focus be?

Well, horses be darned if Amber didn’t come up with the best idea. They’d read only parts of a book and then try to piece together the overall narrative as a whole.

They were (sort of) off! In the sense that they liked the idea…but it still lacked a certain je ne sais quoi, a flair, a third wheel that would turn their bike into a totally more stable and less-prone-to-falling tricycle.

Enter Daniel. Daniel is handsome, funny, and dang smart. They literally could not have found someone more ideal to round them out.

While they all have a history of reading (e.g. school newspapers and technical manuals, queer of color performance theory, and science-y textbooks), none had read a pulp fiction book. It’s not clear if they’ve seen the movie Pulp Fiction. At some point, they had a disagreement about what “pulp” actually referenced. Who really knows, anyway.

To be continued…