Flash Fiction Contest!


A story printed on cheap material (e.g. newsprint), often dealing with sensational material. See also sensational and tabloid writing.

If you ever listen to 33% Pulp and think to yourself, “I could write a story better than that…” here’s your chance!

We’re soliciting pulp vignettes that are no longer than 99 words between now and March 3 to be featured on our website and podcast! We’ll pick our faves, publish them here, do a Twitter poll to determine the winners, and invite the authors on air to discuss their work in a minisode.

For those eager for the fine print:

Deadline: March 3. No cost of entry. Top 3 will be published on our site; authors will be invited to read their submission and discuss their work in a minisode.

Rules and Info:


  • There is no restriction on theme or style. Aliens, detectives, mutant lobsters, send them our way. Just remember:
  • No hatespeak.


  • Entry must be emailed by the date it’s due (12:01 AM)
  • Limit 3 submissions per email address; previous submissions cannot be altered or substituted.
  • Maximum number of words is 99.
  • Entry is taken to be acceptance of these rules.
  • Notification of receipt of entry will normally be by email.
  • We reserve the right to extend the submission deadline.
  • The Flash Fiction Contest is open to writers of any nationality writing in English and 18 or older.

Legal stuff we thought we’d include

  • We seek to help authors reach new audiences. After publication, you retain the rights to publish your story in other journals or in your own book. We accept previously published stories, as long as you own the rights; please let us know in your cover letter if the story was previously published.
    We are happy to link to your website or social media profile to help you further engage with your readers.
  • By submitting a story, each entrant represents and warrants that their submission is an original work of authorship, and that entrant owns all intellectual property rights in and to the same. Each entrant agrees to indemnify and hold harmless 33% Pulp from and against any and all claims, losses, liabilities and/or damages arising out of or relating to such entrant’s submission infringing upon a third-party’s intellectual property rights.
  • Each entrant grants 33% Pulp the non-exclusive, perpetual, worldwide, non-revocable, freely transferable and sub-licensable right to the submission, for use in all media now known or later discovered.



—Linzi, Amber, and Daniel


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