99-word pulp contest


  1. popular or sensational writing that is generally regarded as being of poor quality.
    Synonyms: trashy, cheap, sensational, lurid, tasteless

If you ever listen to 33% Pulp and think to yourself, “I could write a story better than that…” here’s your chance!

We’re soliciting pulp vignettes that are no longer than 99 words (cuz 33 x 3) between now and March 3 to be featured on our podcast! We’ll pick our faves, publish them here, do a Twitter poll to determine the winners, and invite the authors on air to discuss their works.

So send us a story! Email your 99-word (or less) pulp fiction to wearethree[at]33pulp[dot]com and keep listening for the minisode!

—Your hosts, Linzi, Amber, and Daniel


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