Part 1 of our coverage of Doris Piserchia’s #thefluger is now available!! What does a rampaging #alien dream about? What would Batman and daredevil’s child look like? How many sparkling gray eyes have you seen? Listen in as Linzi introduces the first third of this #action-packed #book. . . . A couple extra notes (from Linzi [yes, I used third person up there]): Amber AND Daniel were in LA this past weekend, so this is the first time we recorded an episode all together. She worked some magic (long hours) to edit and release this episode on schedule! Also: this was actually the second time we recorded this because I didn’t save the first version. I’m super grateful to have such awesome friends and co-hosts. . . . #fantasy #bookclub #pulp #podcast #shapeshifter? #galacticassassin #podcasts #stitcher #pocketcasts #tuneinradio

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